Past Event

CIMAC 2007

May 21-24, 2007
Hofburg Congress Centre
Vienna, Austria

It was a special honour for the Austrian National CIMAC Council to be awarded the organisation of the 25th ClMAC World Congress on Combustion Engines. The Hofburg Congress Centre undoubtedly is one of the most unique conference venues in the world combining tradition and state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies.

The Congress was devoted to the presentation of papers in the field of marine propulsion and auxiliaries, power generation and locomotives as weIl as the application of such engines. The technical sessions run in four parallel streams, within each were sessions on


  • Diesel Engines - 2 stroke and 4 stroke
  • Gas Engines
  • Engine Components
  • Turbochargers
  • Combustion and Emissions
  • Lubricants and Fuels
  • Electronic Control
  • User Aspects


The topic of the panel discussion on Thursday 24th of May was:
«25 CIMAC Congresses - driving source for future engine developments».

An exhibition, covering an area of 700 m2, was complementing the technical sessions. Exhibitors from Austria were:


  • AVL -
  • Geislinger -
  • Hoerbiger -
  • Jenbacher -
  • Kral -
  • Miba -


One of the social program's high lights was the traditional ABB Evening. As usual all the details were kept secret until the very last minute. Guests were picked up by coaches from the various hotels—and found themselves after a short ride behind the scenes of the most famous stages of the German language and world class opera houses - what is called the Depots of the Bundestheater. Presentations of diverse areas of Austrian theatrical performances plus high class Swiss hospitality contributed a lot to an unforgettable evening.


Karl Wojik, AVL
«Mister CIMAC»

Karl Wojik, AVL
Rudolf Kroissenbrunner
Markus Heseding

Andrei Ludu, AVL



Torsten Philipp, Geislinger
Matthias Geislinger, Geislinger
Rainer Aufischer, Miba

Thomas Bozecski, Geislinger

Judith Hofstädtner, Hoerbiger
Johannes Besau, Hoerbiger

GE Jenbacher


Eckart Laengle, Kral

Thomas Flauger, Kral

Rainer Aufischer, Miba
Matthias Geislinger, Geislinger

Michaela Schobesberger, Miba
Alexander Kari, Miba
Leopold Harreither, Miba
Herbert Kirsch, Miba