Fake or Original?


Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918)

Austrian Symbolist Painter

Farmhouse on the Attersee
(Summer landscape)



Johannes Kuehmayer (born 1941)


Private House in Attersee


Both are Originals!




Original Gustav Klimt

This painting of Vienna’s native son Gustav Klimt has sold at Sotheby’s New York in November 2003 for more than 29 000 000 US dollars after it was restituted to its pre war owners. Oil paintings of Gustav Klimt are fabulous, if only for their strangeness and rarity.


Original John Kuehmayer

Copying of famous work has happened from time immemorial. Copies, replicas, reproductions and pastiches are legitimate works as long as they are not commercialised and falsely attributed to be the work of another, usually more famous painter. This particular painting of a private house in Attersee was a «Dankeschoen» to a very close friend for a week’s stay in one of Austria’s most beautiful regions in summer 2006.

John Kuehmayer, Chairman of AMEM, is doing water colour paintings «inspired» by Gustav Klimt - his favourite painter - in what spare time he has. He considers this work a tribute to the most prominent member of the Vienna Art Nouveau (Secessionist) movement.

Being the chairman of the EMEC Working Group on IPR, Counterfeiting and Piracy he never ever would dare to commercialise his work - it is simply a form of extremely intensive preoccupation with a genius.