Past Event

SMM 2006

September 26-29, 2006
Hamburg Messe und Congress
Hamburg, Germany


The SMM 2006 - no doubt - was the most dynamic in the long list of maritime trade fairs in Hamburg propelled by a worldwide boom in shipbuilding second to none. It was also the highly successful debut of the advanced concept of Hamburg Messe and Congress.

The Austrian marine equipment industry was well represented at this show further strengthening the position of this landlocked country with such a well recognised tradition in the shipbuilding and marine equipment industry!

Austrian exhibitors in Hamburg

A total number of 20 companies from Austria has participated in SMM the largest event of its kind in the world on shipbuilding, machinery & marine technology in Hamburg, Germany from September 26 - 29, 2006. Six of them were sharing a common booth perfectly organised by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in close co-operation with AMEM Austrian Marine Equipment Manufacturers and the Austrian Trade Delegation in Berlin.

ACR Electronics - Europe Transponders -
Alulight International - Structural aluminium -
Aurora Marine - Sleep management -
bst - Cable penetrations -
Fipro-Thermax-Mineralka - Non combustible boards -
Geislinger - Couplings and dampers -
Hoerbiger - Crankcase relief valves -
igm - Robotics systems -
iiSii - Software -
Kral - Pumps and volumeters -
Liebherr - Cranes -
Miba - Bearings -
Palfinger Cranepower - Cranes -
Palfinger HTC Systems - Temporary means of access -
Rescompany Systems - Software -
Secu Tech - Tank overfill protection -
Sirocco - HVAC -
Steyr Motors - Propulsion systems -
Teufelberger - Ropes -
Top Trock - Drying systems -

Opening Ceremony

Hamburg’s minister of economics, Gunnar Uldall, emphasized in his opening speech at the Chamber of Commerce on September 25, 2006, that Hamburg is not only hosting the world’s leading exhibition for shipbuilding and the equipment industry, but that «there is also no other city in the world from where as many shipbuilding orders are given to yards worldwide as from Hamburg». A major facilitator for that is the city’s flourishing banking and financing sector

SMM Press Conference

The chairman of the supplier’s association EMEC European Marine Equipment Council - Pim van Gulpen - was invited to give a presentation to the accredited press on the global market of marine equipment, the role of European marine equipment and its future developments. He underlined the fact that marine equipment suppliers offer up to 70% of the value of a ship and the added value brought by the sector to the European maritime cluster. Van Gulpen also highlighted the world leadership of the European Companies and the importance of investing in research, development and innovation for the future competitiveness of the sector. He mentioned and confirmed the need for higher level of harmonisation and regulations in the maritime sector and the necessity for Class Societies to increase harmonisation in their technical rules in order to reduce the cost burden on marine equipment suppliers.

EMEC Conference

A selected number of high ranking executives from equipment industry, shipyards and ship operators were invited by EMEC to discuss the future prospects of a closer collaboration during a meeting held in room «Marseille» as part of the SMM conference program. The main outcome was that all actors involved in the ship building supply chain fostered to develop a much closer cooperation with equipment suppliers and systems integrators. Shipyards should involve equipment suppliers at early stage e.g. in the design process, as this will highly contribute to preserve and even extend the technological leadership of Europe.

CIMAC Circle

CIMAC Circles have been attracting growing interest with each of these very popular biennial events. A record number of visitors to SMM 2006 was attending this year’s circle, listening to the expert’s views on the future of the next generation of marine diesel engines.

Questions from the floor were focusing on issues reflecting the industry’s concerns like fuel prices, alternatives to today’s fuels, tightening of the legislation on emissions and engine diagnostics.
Engine builders reported that they were working closely together with IMO, EPA and classification societies on harmonized standards.

Naval Visit HMS Liverpool

Thanks to the Royal Navy, SMM exhibitors had the rare opportunity of guided in-depth tours on board the type-42 destroyer HMS Liverpool moored closely to the Dutch Navy’s frigate RNLN Tromp in the harbour of Hamburg. Guests were welcomed by one of the officers and after a 40 minutes tour they were given a farewell by the Commanding Officer Henry Duffy on the Lynx helicopter’s flight deck.

New Hamburg Trade Fair , Hall A1

New Hamburg Trade Fair

Opening Ceremony SMM 2006
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Opening Ceremony SMM 2006
Juergen Kennemann, VSM

Performance of Cirque du soleil

Martin Wihsbeck
President of AMEM

Peter Schaeffler, Alulight International
John Kuehmayer, AMEM


Uwe Balshuesemann
Thomas Niklaus, Fipro
Sven Darin, Fipro


Martin Kloboucnik
Wolfgang Wuenn, Designer
Werner Hechenblaikner
Thomas Pablik
Michael Heise




Hannu Salmenpohja, ATOY
Johannes Besau, Hoerbiger

John Kuehmayer, AMEM
Norbert Thum, Liebherr
Typical Austrian outfit

Walter Reinisch, Bosch
Bernhard Schmidt, Austrian Trade Delegation Berlin

Secu Tech
Erwin Lauwereys, Secu Tech

Peter Pichler, Sirocco

Steyr Motors
Karl Baumgart, Steyr Motors

Hall A1, dominated by Geislinger

Typical Viennese «Heurigen» Reception

Typical Viennese «Heurigen» Reception

Typical Viennese «Heurigen» Reception
Wolfgang Döpfl, bst
Peng Yongchun, China Classification Society, Stuttgart
Cheah Chang Ee, Best Technology Pte Ltd
Kathrin Hansen, Reed Exhibitions

Typical Viennese «Heurigen» Reception
Eva Woelfel, Top Trock
Berhard Schmidt, Austrian Trade Delegation Berlin

Typical Viennese «Heurigen» Reception
Patrick Rutka
Wolfgang Doepl, bst
Cheah Chang Ee, Best Technology Pte Ltd
Roland Bayerlein, bst
Klaus Steurer

EMEC Conference SMM 2006

High technical level audience

Pim van Gulpen; Chairman EMEC

Kelvin Derrick, CEO Hamworthy and Vice-Chairman EMEC
Richard Vie, Vice-President Newbuilding Carnival
John Murray, Society of Maritime Industries

Anti aircraft destroyer
Royal Navy HMS Liverpool

Royal Navy HMS Liverpool
Commanding Officer Henry Duffy

Royal Navy HMS Liverpool
Anti airborne attack radars

Royal Navy HMS Liverpool
Sea Dart medium range surface to air missile system

Royal Navy HMS Liverpool
«The human factor»

Air defence and command frigate RNLN Tromp

RNLN Tromp