Past Event


March 13-16, 2006
Miami, Florida


The 22nd International Exhibition and Conference serving the Cruise Industry was characterised by a very good 2005 and extremely optimistic forecasts. World’s cruise lines are committed to new investments of well over $ 14 billion over the next four years, including 26 ships and more than 70.000 berths. This positive trend was reflected in the size of the show with nearly 950 exhibitors from well over 100 countries and a reasonable number of new participants - seven exhibitors from Austria included – covering all sectors of activity, including ship equipment, destinations, ships services, food and beverage , design/refurbishing, and entertainment.

Whether it is networking, sourcing or catching up on the latest news and trends in the cruise industry, people flock to Miami to be part of the cruise industry’s largest annual gathering.

The highlight of the show no doubt was the state of the industry debate which is of tremendous value for getting a better understanding of where the industry is heading. As the pace of new building activity picks up there is no shortage of work either for the yards, designers, architects and suppliers in fleet refurbishment and modernization.

The Austrian suppliers’ community which - apart from food and beverage - is totalling an impressive 50 companies, was listed and published by AMEM on the occasion of this year’s convention for the first time.

AMEM Booth

Gottlieb Oberweger, Celebrity Cruise Lines
Claudia Schubert, Boesendorfer Pianos
Dietmar Wertanzl, Celebrity Cruise Lines
Werner Goetz, Wollsdorf Leather

Helene and Ron Mergeler, Leonardo Vintage Luggage

Claudia Schubert, Boesendorfer Pianos
Eric Johnson, Boesendorfer Pianos USA
John McNeece, Architect

State of the Industry Debate
Stein Kruse, Holland America Line
Richard E. Sasso, MSC Cruises (USA)
Adam M. Goldstein, Royal Caribbean International
Robert H. Dickinson, Carnival Cruise Lines

Daniel J. Hanrahan, Celebrity Cruise Lines
Stein Kruse, Holland America Line
Richard Sasso, MSC Cruises (USA)
Colin Veitch, Norwegian Cruise Line
Adam M. Goldstein, Royal Caribbean
Robert H. Dickinson, Carnival Cruise Lines

Tony Peisley, Cruise Industry Analyst
Christopher Hayman, Seatrade London
Anne Kalosch, U.S. Editor Seatrade Review

Andy Stuart, Cruise Lines International

Roger Dow, Travel Industry Association

Richard Lehninger, Casinos Austria Maritime
Rudi Sodamin, Food Sensation Enterprise
Alexander Tucek, Casinos Austria Maritime
Michael Otter, Austrian Trade Delegation

Martin Uhlig, bst Cable Transits
Buddy Reams, US Coast Guard

Martin Uhlig, bst Cable Transits
Thomas Niklaus, Thermax Fipro
John Hutchinson, Panel Specialists

Russel Polansky, Steyr Motors

Fritz Huber, Kral
Mrs. M. Rhomberg, Fries
Richard Leopold, Kral
Michael Otter, Austrian Trade Delegation New York

ICCL Top Executives Meeting
Martin Rhomberg, Fries
Martin Uhlig, bst
Claudia Schubert, Boesendorfer
Werner Goetz, Wollsdorf

Claudia Schubert, Boesendorfer Pianos
Susan Stokes, CMP USA