Past Event


January 15, 2007
Wiener Neudorf, Austria

The 2006 General Assembly of AMEM took place at the premises of igm Robotersystems in Wiener Neudorf , South of Vienna on the 15th of January 2007, chaired by Martin Wihsbeck, president and well attended by «old» and «new» members. AMEM has been successfully meeting the expectations of its members in reaching the 3 major goals – lobbying in Vienna and Brussels, participation in international congresses and trade fairs, and consultancy services.

Rudolf Mandorfer, Steyr Motors
Josef Kreindl, Fronius, new member!
Martin Wihsbeck, igm
Michaela Semeliker, Accountant

Peter Schaeffler, Alulight, new member!
Martin Uhlig, bst
Karl Wojik, AVL List
Josef Kreindl, Fronius, new member!