Past Event


April 1, 2005
Charlemagne Building, Bruxelles, Belgium

Technology Platform for Waterborne Transport and Operations in Europe

European leadership in maritime technology is of significant strategic and economic importance. Almost all important products and technologies in the maritime transport and maritime industry sector have been originally invented in Europe in a partnership driven environment.
In order to preserve this technological leadership and secure future innovation through research and development, the Technology Platform Waterborne TP is intended to contribute to the Union’s Strategic Objectives of increasing both employment and productivity, through enhanced competitiveness.

Based on a medium to long term R&D Vision, Waterborne TP will define a Strategic Research Agenda for the Maritime Transport Sector. It will create a common mechanism for research and technological development symbolising European industrial ingenuity and excellence. Waterborne TP is intended to be a European alliance towards innovation and consequently industry orientated, it will comprise senior experts and executives from shipowners, shipbuilders, classification societies, equipment manufacturers, including SMEs, infrastructure providers, universities and research institutes, member states and other stakeholders.

The implementation of the research agenda will be carried out with the support of existing Community R&D instruments (Framework Programmes).

The kick-off meeting took place on the 1st of April, 2005 in the Charlemagne building in Brussels in presence of European Commission members, representatives of member, associated and candidate states and Brussels accredited industry associations.

Members of the Waterborne TP Support Group
  • Mario Dogliani, EURACS
  • Michael vom Baur, CESA
  • Paris Sansoglou, CESA
  • Hermann de Meester, ECSA
  • Peter Crawley, DG Research
  • Michael Kyriakopoulos, DG Research
  • Joost de Bock, DG Transport

EMEC Delegation
Patrick Person
Bernard Dognaux
Diane Mulder

Austrian Delegation
John Kuehmayer, AMEM
Yasmin Soetopo, Permanent Representation of
Austria to the European Union

Support Group
Mario Dogliani, EURACS
Michael vom Baur, CESA
Michael Kyriakopoulos, DG Research
Joost de Bock, DG Transport

Working Dinner