Past Event


October 24-27, 2007
Busan, South Korea

ROK Navy Cadetts
W. Somweber, Austrian Embassy


Mt. Halla


Alexander Rych, Linsinger

K. Fairs Organisers
n .n.
Sung Kwon, Hong, CEO

ROK Navy Officers

Opening Ceremony
Ribbon Cutting


Opening Roundtrip
Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City Nam Sik, Hur
Admiral Sun, ROK Navy

Indian Navy
Admiral n. n.

Hotel Paradise
Restaurant Callavini
Dinner Reception
Haeundae Beach, Busan

Dinner Reception

Welcome speach
Lim Byoung-Moon, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria in Busan


24th of October 2007

Hotel Paradise
Restaurant Callavini
Dinner Reception upon the invitation of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria in Busan, Mister Lim Byoung-Moon


Leopold Harreither
Judith Gruber

Korean Society of Marine Engineers
International Symposium
bst, Quick-Spy Presentation
Martin Uhlig

October 25, 2007
ROK Navy On-Board Reception "Dokdo" LPH6111
Indian Navy
Joseph Malloy, USN
Song, Young Moo, Admiral, Chief of Naval Operations, ROK Navy

ROK Navy
On board reception "Dokdo" LPH 6111

Dongbaek Island
Nurimaru APEC House
Venue for the APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Conference

APEC Conference 18-19 November 2005

The origin of Hae-un-dae (Hyundai)
A rock-inscription from the 14th century on Dongbaek Island gives the origin of the three characters Hae Un Dae better known as Hyundai. The characters on the rock are said to have been written and inscribed by Choi Chi-won, who was a great poet and scholar of the late Sylla period. According to a tradition, when he was going to Mt. Gayasan to escape from adverse political circumstances, he was struck by the beautiful scene made by the sea, clouds, moon and hills and thus he engraved three letters, Hae (sea), Un (cloud), and Dae (moon) on the rock of Dongbaek Island (Nurimaru).Therefore the hill on Nurimaru is called Dalmaji Hill - moon viewing hill.

The area was a military observation post for many decades during the cold war until it was abandoned and became the venue for the APEC Conference in November 2005.

Oryuk Islands

Oryuk Islands