Past Event


May 11 and 12, 2005
Gdansk, Poland


The European Marine Equipment Council has concluded a successful general assembly in Gdansk, Poland setting out its vision for maintaining the industry’s competitive edge in the global marketplace. A key element is the creation of the initiative EMECRID which will lead the research, innovation and development agenda for the European marine equipment and service sector.

EMEC President, Govert Hamers, commented “The process of getting support from the European R&D programme can be complicated; therefore I am confident that EMEC’s approach will provide the vehicle for European marine equipment and service companies of all sizes to access much needed innovation funding.”

The Gdansk meeting also made plans to strengthen the Brussels lobbying group with the formation of the “EMEC Network”, a group of leading companies in the sector from across Europe who will demonstrate the success of the industry in using its technological edge to meet the needs of the shipping sector.

It was also announced that Mr Kelvyn Derrick had been elected a Vice President of EMEC. Mr Derrick is Chief Executive of Hamworthy plc and the Chairman of the Society of Maritime Industries, the UK traded body which is one of EMEC’s member associations.

Gdansk; Central Maritime Museum

Gdansk; Neptune’s Fountain

Gdansk; Special Guided Sightseeing Tour

Leszek Wilczynski,
Authorized Tourist Guide and Director of Scientific Affairs CTO

CTO Gdansk Headquarter;
Leszek Wilczynski, Director of Scientific Affairs
Zbigniew Karpinski, Managing Director
Piotr Czabaj, Manager

CTO Gdansk Headquarter;
EMEC General Assembly

CTO Gdansk Headquarter;
Govert Hamers, President
Bernard Dognaux, General Secretary
Kelvin Derrick, Vice President

Gdynia Shipyard;
Container Carrier for P&O Nedlloyd;
EMEC Works Visitors

Gdynia Shipyard;
Krystof Czerski, Ship Design

Gdynia Shipyard;
500-ton and 1100-ton Gantry Cranes

Gdynia Shipyard;
Car Carrier Morning Courier

Gdansk; Museum Ship Soldek

Gdansk; Old Harbour

Gdansk; Restaurant Pod Lososiem

Dinner at Pod Lososiem