Past Event

DSEi 2005

September 13-16, 2005
EXCEL, London, UK

One of the most important tri-service defence exhibitions in the world - DSEi Defence Systems and Equipment International 2005 - was held at ExCel in London from 13-16 September.

AMEM did participate in this high class showcase for new and emerging defence technologies for the first time sharing the joint booth of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber with eleven more companies. By invitation of RUSI Royal United Services Institute, John Kuehmayer attended the DSEi Exhibition Conference on “Military Capabilities in the 21st Century” in Whitehall, London in the presence of Lord Drayson, Minister of State for Defence Procurement, UK Ministry of Defence and high ranking panellists from the Royal Navy and the defence industry.

DSEI turned out to be the right venue for dual-use component manufacturers who more and more recognise that this show is a valuable complement to the international events in the commercial shipbuilding arena. In addition to that DSEi is the only trade show offering the opportunity to berth a very large number of modern warships immediately alongside the venue.

AMEM took the chance to further strengthen the relationship with the two US system integrators - Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman - to get full consideration by the Deepwater Program of the USCG and the new building activities of the US Navy in a completely changed warfare scenario.

RUSI – Royal United Services Institute

RUSI; Vice Minister of State, Lord Drayson

AMEM Booth

Scotty Booth

Hitzinger Booth

High ranking Bundesheer officers

Steyr Motors Booth