Past Event



Pestana Palace Hotel
Lisbon, Portugal
April 1-4, 2007

CIRM is an international non-governmental organisation representing the communication and navigation industry worldwide at international organisations like


  • IMO International Maritime Organisation -
  • ITU International Telecommunication Union -
  • IEC International Electrotechnical Commission -
  • ISO International Standardisation Organisation -


CIRM also holds mutual observer status with all the other relevant international and regional organisations, including IALA, ICS, IHO and RTCM. This organisation has been promoting the application of marine electronics for safety at sea and the efficient management of shipping worldwide. CIRM co-ordinates the views and actions of members in resolving international regulatory issues, enabling members to take part in the drafting of international standards.

Upon an invitation of CIRM, John Kuehmayer took the chance to give a presentation on EMEC, its role in the context of the mature European marine manufacturing equipment and systems industry, the experiences with the MED Marine Equipment Directive and the Commission's draft for the so called «Class Directive» on Recognised Organisations.

CIRM meetings are usually held in or near major international ports. Recent venues were Singapore, Athens, Shanghai, Genoa, Washington DC, Oslo and Limassol. This year's 60th Annual General Meeting was held at the Pestana Palace Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal beginning of April.

Delegates were taken on a scenic tour to famous places like Sintra, Cabo da Roca (the most Western point of Europe) and Estoril by coach on Tuesday 3rd of April 2007. The same evening there was the official dinner in the rooms of the ancient stables which culminated in a grand finale of typical Portuguese sweets, strongly influenced by Arabic taste and patisserie.

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
CIRM's Conference Venue

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon

60th Annual General Meeting of CIRM
Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon

60th Annual General Meeting of CIRM
Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon

John Kuehmayer, AMEM
James Wood, EMSA
Michael Rambaut, CIRM

Kim Fisher, IEC and CIRM

Frances Baskerville, CIRM
Ben Pratt, Mackay Communications
Bruno Musella, Telemar
Michael Rambaut, CIRM

Michael Rambaut, CIRM
Nick Cutmore, IMPA

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
The Palace garden inside

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
The Ancient Coach House

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
Blue Room

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
Restaurant «Valle Flôr»

Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
Pavillion and swimming pool

Lisbon, Ponte 25 de Abril

Excursion to Sintra


Cabo de Roca
The most western point of Europe